12 Temples Open for Phase 2, More Open for Phase 1

12 Temples Open for Phase 2, More Open for Phase 1

Beginning on July 27, 2020, the following Latter-day Saint temples opened for Phase 2. This phase allows for all temple ordinances for living individuals. They are the first temples to do so since temple reopenings began earlier this summer. They are:

  • Billings Montana Temple
  • Bismarck North Dakota Temple
  • Columbus Ohio Temple
  • Copenhagen Denmark Temple
  • Frankfurt Germany Temple
  • Freiberg Germany Temple
  • Helsinki Finland Temple
  • Seoul Korea Temple
  • Stockholm Sweden Temple
  • Taipei Taiwan Temple
  • The Hague Netherlands Temple
  • Winter Quarters Nebraska Temple

Another five temples have reopened for Phase 1, which is limited to live sealings (marriages) between two people who have already been endowed. These temples are:

  • Córdoba Argentina Temple
  • Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Temple
  • Columbia River Washington Temple
  • Guayaquil Ecuador Temple
  • Preston England Temple

To see a full list of temples and their current statuses, click here.

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