19 countries you may not have known received Church donations recently


A world in commotion creates a world of opportunities to serve. And Latter-day Saints everywhere are doing just that.

The Church has more than 80 international Newsroom websites for various countries, and writers have been busy documenting how the Church and its members have responded to the COVID-19 crisis in their communities. A compilation of different services projects from 19 different countries was recently published, and the wide array of service is enough to make anyone smile. See a few of our favorite stories from Church Newsroom below.


The Ministry of Health in Mongolia received a donation of sterilization kits, blankets, and baby cradles from the Church.


Youth in Italy gathered to assemble 300 food packages to give to families in need. The food was donated to the Security and Civil Protection Department of the Municipality of Roma Capitale for distribution.


In coordination with the Office of the Ministry of Religion of the Bekasi City Christian Organizer, Christian Community Guidance (Pembimas) Regional Office of the Ministry of Religion, and other local organizations, the Church distributed 300 food packages to Christian religious education teachers who are impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The kits included rice, sugar, cooking oil, and other goods.


The Church joined with Cáritas Argentina, an organization within the Catholic Church, to provide meals to seven soup kitchens in Buenos Aires. In the photo below, Monsignor José Maria Baliña, vice president of Cáritas Argentina, and Gustavo Merines, president of the Belgrano Stake, elbow bump instead of shaking hands as food is delivered to the soup kitchens.

Sierra Leone

Kenneth Pambu, president of the Freetown Sierra Leone Stake, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, delivered personal protective equipment (PPE) and other items to the Sierra Leone government and their COVID-19 Response Team.

United Kingdom

United Kingdom Church Newsroom published a story about professors and staff from the University of Valencia in Spain who coordinated the manufacturing of face shields using 3D printers. Latter-day Saint charities financed the production of 9,000 shields, one of which was distributed to the newborn infant in the photo below.

To read more accounts of notable service being done around the world, see the full compilation article from Church Newsroom.

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