Australian Latter-day Saint Football Coach Talks about the Blessings of Missionary Service


Talented footballer, Jordan Taylor, from the Kawana Waters Ward (congregation) in Queensland, Australia, has been appointed the Wodonga Bulldog Senior Football coach.


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He, with his wife, Alyssa, will soon move to the Victorian border town of Wodonga, near the town of Finley, NSW where he grew up. It was there that Jordan chose to serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and was assigned to the New Zealand Hamilton Mission.

Speaking of his decision to serve a mission, Jordan says, «I always knew that I wanted to do that, but at the same time, I had strong aspirations to make AFL [Australian Football League, Australian Rules Football]…. I knew I wanted to give a little bit back to those who may not be as blessed as I am.”

The decision to put life plans on hold and trust in the Lord to serve a mission is a familiar feeling for many members of the Church. Sometimes it means giving up opportunities to progress in areas they have dedicated themselves to during their teenage years.

«I think when you don’t get so absorbed in yourself, what’s good or bad in your own life, and you start thinking about others, it actually takes the weight off your own shoulders to some extent.

“On the mission your sole focus is to help others. Whether it be by community service, English speaking programs, or teaching some of our religious doctrines, it’s all about helping other people,» Jordan said.

His mission has blessed him with many skills that have helped him propel his life and career forward.

Teaching experiences on the mission and just being focused on Christ and others has helped me as a coach. A mission is definitely a great prepper for a lot of different things. Building relationships, getting to know people, teaching, and serving them.”

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Since returning from his mission and finishing his B.Ed., Jordan has had experience as captain, vice-captain, gained his Level 1 AFL coaching accreditation and worked as a coach for private organisations.

«I’ve played under some really good coaches and have something I can offer within my playing and teaching experience,» he said. “I had coached some juniors and this will be my first appointment as a senior coach.”

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