«Coincidence» Brings Blessings of Service


Sometimes a “coincidence” is a blessing in disguise.  Such was the case for the women of the Relief Society organisations in Queensland and the missionaries in the Australia Brisbane Mission.  

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The leaders of the Relief Society had recently received patterns for sewing face masks.  Desiring to serve others, as followers of Jesus Christ, the women of Beenleigh Stake keenly wanted to make masks.

They organised a day to get together and start sewing them, despite not knowing who to make them for.   

At the same time, J. Kevin Ence, president of the Australia Brisbane Mission, was concerned about obtaining masks for all of the missionaries in the Brisbane mission.  He was looking for a way to provide the needed protection for the missionaries in the event of future COVID concerns.

When he heard about the women receiving the patterns, he realised this could be the way the Lord was providing for the missionaries.

When the women received a call about the missionaries needing face masks, they were thrilled to have a purpose and specific need for the project. 


Women in the Church’s Logan Stake joined the effort and together they spent several busy afternoons sewing 450 masks in many sizes and fabrics. 

“It was a great blessing for both the missionaries and the wonderful sisters who spent many hours making the facemasks,” said Elder Bruce Jensen, senior self-reliance missionary and facilitator.  

“The sisters had big smiles on their faces when we picked up the masks from them,” Sister Sonya Jensen shared.  «They expressed their joy in serving the missionaries and the missionaries were very grateful for the masks.»

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