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Discover Your French Heritage


Discover your French Heritage with FamilySearch • FamilySearch

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What comes to mind when you think of France—the Eiffel tower, romance, and fashion? Or perhaps you conjure up images of the gorgeous French countryside. France has a rich heritage that has impacted people all over the globe. It has been regarded as a “center of high culture” for generations. 

If you have French ancestors or relatives, learning about French heritage can open doors to understanding yourself. Your ancestors’ beliefs, customs, and even cooking styles have probably influenced your family over the generations. Recognizing and celebrating those connections can strengthen your family roots and nurture a sense of self.  

Discover more about the French influences in your life to help you connect with your French heritage. From cultural traditions and values to daily life, you can learn a lot about the lives your ancestors led and the impact they have had on you. 

Discover Your French Ancestors 

Between French colonization around the world and mass emigration caused by the French Revolution, many people can claim French ancestry. In fact, an estimated 30–40 million people have French heritage. Canada, the United States, Argentina, Great Britain, Switzerland, Brazil, and Belgium all have millions of people with French heritage. Even more countries have hundreds of thousands. Could you be part of the French diaspora too? 

FamilySearch can help with your search. Free resources, such as a global family tree and historical records, can help you track down your family. Learn where your family is from or what occupations they held. You can even read or share family stories and photos to preserve memories of their lives.  

Learn about Life in France 

Has your family carried on French cooking traditions? Do French values resonate with you? French culture, traditions, and history have likely played an important role in shaping your family. Familiarizing yourself with aspects of French life can help you understand and celebrate your cultural heritage

French Influences in Everyday Life 

Even if you don’t have French ancestors, French culture has probably influenced you in subtle ways. French art, fashion, cooking, and more play an important role in global culture. Learn more about the intricate ways that French heritage has impacted you and your life. 

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