Faith and Hope Despite Challenges


In this week’s episode of Hope Helps, host Charly Burridge-Jones talks with well-known singer and performer, Alex Boyé. Boyé reflects on how his faith, even before he was actively engaged, has allowed him to accomplish goals he used to think he could only dream of. They discuss ways to find and rely on hope during times of trial. 

In his younger years, Boyé was part of a successful boy band in London. While his early career was more focused on providing a way for himself financially, Boyé became more motivated to inspire others as he grew and matured. Now Boyé uses his talents to bring hope and peace to others. 

In the conversation, Boyé recalls the night that ultimately inspired him to begin his suicide prevention campaign, Bend not Break. Boyé learned from the emotional events of that night that we never know the force of good we can be in the lives of others; there are people all around who need hope in their lives. The Bend not Break campaign seeks to bring hope to those who are struggling.

When asked how he has found strength in the challenges of life, Boyé remarked that not only do challenges allow him to feel greater empathy towards those who are struggling, but they also give him something to “talk about”: a true purpose for his music. For Boyé, music is more than entertainment, music is a transcendent form of art that unites people’s souls. He and Charly discuss the connectiveness that comes through inspiring and uplifting music. Even though the pandemic has caused unprecedented feelings of loneliness, music exists as one of the few precious means by which we can feel a sense of unity with others. 

For Boyé, the challenges of life can become opportunities for growth through an optimistic mindset. He recalls struggling to find faith in those around him because he didn’t know how to have faith in himself. Life to Boyé is made up of self-fulfilling prophecies; we become what we say we are. So, why don’t we speak kindly to and of ourselves? Self-love is not necessarily indulgence in vanity; it is a sign of strength and a source of faith. That foundation of faith is what we build a good and fulfilling life on, as faith displaces the fear that often holds us back from our potential. 

Whether one is religious or not, Boyé argues that being rooted in the idea that your life has a plan and that pain is temporary gives much needed strength in times of hardship. Even if life doesn’t go to plan—and it often doesn’t—we can still trust the bigger picture for our lives. 

Throughout the episode, Charly and Boyé wrestle with the challenging questions of life and draw hope and inspiration from their experiences. Whether through music, podcasting, or any other form of expression, words of inspiration are worth sharing with the world. 

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