Great Relationships Forming with Chamkarleu Referral Hospital


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Dr. James Taylor and his wife Annette began working with the Chamkarleu Referral Hospital in November 2019. The first assessment was to identify needs and different ways to provide assistance and help to the community and hospital. The Taylors would plan out different projects for the hospital then request the funding provided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Charities). A new hospital generator was soon approved. Later came equipment for the Obstetrics room; delivery beds, fetal monitors, and even baby hats and gloves hand-made by Sister Taylor herself. In 2020 an improved x-ray/CR system was ordered. This was especially exciting to have better readings of x-rays and at a lower cost for the hospital.


Hospital had a new building built (approximately four years ago) dedicated for surgeries. However, it has not been used as of yet. Elder and Sister Taylor arranged for nine Doctors to be trained to do surgeries. The training is being given from skilled doctors from Kampong Cham Provincial Hospital. The trainers and trainees are funded by LDS Charities. The District Operations Director, Dr. Chea Eak Chhay, is hopeful that surgeries may commence as soon as May, or June 2021. That will be a huge and successful step when the surgery center is functioning for the hospital and the community.


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A special handover ceremony was held Wednesday, February 18, 2021. Those who spoke at the ceremony included the OD, Dr. Chea Eak Chhay, Hospital Director, Tankim Cheeno, the District Vice Governor, Mrs. Hak Sovyrany. Also speaking were Samnang Sea, the President of the Association of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Cambodia and Elder James Taylor. Those who spoke reflected on the satisfaction of working together for the past several years to help improve healthcare at the Chamkarleu Referral Hospital. As he concluded his remarks, Samnang Sea said: “Helping those who are in need is what brings joy to our hearts”.

Elder and Sister Taylor completed their mission on February 26 and have returned to their home near Brigham City, Utah. Just prior to their return home, Elder Taylor said: “Though we are grateful to return and be reunited with our family, our hearts will remain in Cambodia with the people of Kampong Cham Province”.

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