Prophet Joins with NAACP in Call for Racial Harmony


President Russell M. Nelson, the prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has released a joint statement with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) calling for racial harmony.

The statement begins by detailing how the meeting between the two organizations quickly turned into a deep bond of respect. “Our common bond as followers of Jesus Christ and as religious leaders gave us a natural foundation from which to build a friendship as well as an opportunity to better appreciate each other’s unique perspective and experience,” the statement reads.

As it addresses the tragic murder of George Floyd and its aftermath, the statement focuses on a return to the first and second great commandments given by Jesus Christ.

“Unitedly we declare that the answers to racism, prejudice, discrimination and hate will not come from government or law enforcement alone. Solutions will come as we open our hearts to those whose lives are different than our own, as we work to build bonds of genuine friendship, and as we see each other as the brothers and sisters we are — for we are all children of a loving God…What is the solution? Whether you are a believer or not, Jesus Christ taught an inspired model that leads to peace and harmony — to love God first, and then to love our neighbor as ourselves. We don’t pretend that either of these pursuits is easy, but we do declare that they yield the fruits the Lord promised.”

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Los artículos de esta sección no son oficiales pero han sido tomados de una fuente confiable y acreditada. La traducción es automática y puede dejar mucho que desear, sin embargo, a pesar de estas deficiencias, se ha realizado un esfuerzo para poner la información al alcance del público de habla hispana. Para ver el artículo completo original en inglés, consulta la siguiente Fuente:

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