Reclaiming Our African Roots

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This page serves as a resource and update center for the many projects and partnerships coming in support of R.O.A.R. Check back here frequently!

What Is “Reclaiming Our African Roots”?

The year 2019 marked the 400th anniversary of the landing of the first documented Africans in English North America. In support of this milestone in American history, FamilySearch International along with partners in the African American genealogical community launched an initiative called “Reclaiming Our African Roots” (R.O.A.R). Learn about the objective of R.O.A.R. and FamilySearch’s efforts with the African diaspora in a webinar hosted by Thom Reed, FamilySearch’s deputy chief genealogical officer.

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10 Steps to Begin Reclaiming Your African Roots Now

The best way to get involved with this project is to begin uncovering your own family history.

The desire to navigate your identity and heritage can be easily overwhelmed by an onslaught of information and resources. Tackling your family history does not have to be complicated if you follow the right steps. This handout is designed to help you follow a step-by-step process on how to get started effectively.

Additional Resources to Further Your Family History

African American Genealogy Research Community Page—FamilySearch Communities allows you to join groups of likeminded people. These communities give you a place to ask and answer questions, share resources, and receive the latest updates on topics that interest you.

FamilySearch Wiki Page on African American Genealogy—The FamilySearch Research Wiki is a free, online genealogy and family history guide. It lists websites, provides research strategies, and suggests records and resources to help you find ancestors from all over the world.

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