Running Toward the Light


For a young Peter Johnson, Christmases were never the same after his parents divorced. He felt a deep hole in his soul that he longed to fill. Like Peter, all humanity longs to live in love and safety. Such a desire is basic in all of us. But finding that peace isn’t always easy. Often, we seek peace and security from the very people, who themselves, are struggling. The world is filled with many distracting and deceiving voices that claim to have the answer to the happy life. But, as Peter learned, when we come to hear His voice—the voice of Him who overcame the world, whose voice is pure love—then we come to discover our true identity. We gain a glimpse of our eternal self. We sense our nobility as a son or daughter of God. We have new personal power. We are no longer distracted and deceived by fake voices. We hear the one true voice that heals aching hearts and wounded souls—voice of Jesus Christ. He is eager to help. He knows each of us. He awaits our invitation. “When you’re running from the darkness, it’s a feeling of fear,” Peter said. “But when you’re running towards the light, it’s hope. You know you’re running to strength and peace and happiness. We all need to be running to the light.” How do you hear Him? Visit Power to Overcome the Adversary: SUBSCRIBE to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for the latest videos: Facebook:


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