Tahitian Woman and Young Woman Express Thanks for Their Youth Leaders


A mother of three and a young woman both responded to the invitation of Young Women general president, Bonnie H. Cordon, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, to share the impact that their respective young women leaders had on their lives by posting their testimonies on social media. They shared their experiences, below.


Virginia Teihotua, mother of three children

“23 years ago, a heart-breaking ordeal occurred in my life. When I was still a young woman, I lost my mum, Irene Teihotua, a remarkable and devoted woman in the service of the Lord.

«At that time, a wonderful young women leader and her family arrived in our ward (congregation) of Tipaerui, and her husband, Helle Bruno, had just been called as bishop. I was a hardened young girl, difficult to approach and get along with.

«She helped me believe in Heavenly Father’s plan. She redoubled her patience with me, she surrounded me with arms of love, along with her brother, Christiant Tariu, and their respective homes.

«Together, they were my refuge, they reminded me of the value I had as a child of God. Above all, she helped me to understand that family is eternal, and if I remained obedient until the end, I would one day meet my mother again.

«This young women leader is Miri Helle. I will be eternally grateful for everything they gave me. Today, as a leader myself, I draw inspiration from their examples, and that of my deceased parents, of always serving with love, just like these leaders who have a special place in my heart.

«Love can work miracles and this sister has shown me how. I know that following the Saviour is the safest way. Like Jesus Christ, may we always work with love, charity and dedication.”

Vehianui Maraetefau, 17-years-old

“One of my young women leaders who has made a difference in my life is Leilani Renvoye. Because of her uplifting teachings and loving influence, today I have become a committed leader in ministering.

«As my former Young Women president, I had the honour of learning from her and growing spiritually by her side. She was able to uplift me and shape me to be a better leader. By her example and experiences, she strengthened me, and awakened in me a desire to always stand firm and steadfast in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

«Thanks to all the love she showed me and all the efforts she provided, taking care of me like her own daughter, she conveyed to me values ​​and qualities that will mark me throughout my life.

«Another of my past presidents, who also makes me smile when I think of her, is Dgini Richmond. She is such a superb cook with fancy recipes, a do-it-yourself mother, and she always smiles.

«She is a leader I admire so much, because she has shown me the importance of the role of women and of a mother in her home. I have seen how she is a loving and patient mother. I enjoy being in her presence because our discussions are always full of good advice.

«I am grateful to the Lord for bringing these leaders into my life, and for their touching teachings etched forever in my mind. I know that countless blessings are reserved for us from every leader called to lead this great and wonderful work, if we choose to promptly obey their recommendations, and listen to the spirit that testifies to us of the truth of everything.”

Los artículos de esta sección no son oficiales pero han sido tomados de una fuente confiable y acreditada. La traducción es automática y puede dejar mucho que desear, sin embargo, a pesar de estas deficiencias, se ha realizado un esfuerzo para poner la información al alcance del público de habla hispana. Para ver el artículo completo original en inglés, consulta la siguiente Fuente: http://news-nz.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/sister-cordon-issues-second-young-women-150-challenge-share-the-impact-of-your-leaders-in-your-lives-strivetobe

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