Trying to cope with stress? Here’s how an anxiety journal could help


At the start of a new year, some people may set goals to journal more often. But journaling doesn’t have to be limited to documenting the good things in life.

An article published in December by FamilySearch discusses the topic of anxiety journaling. The article explains the journal itself doesn’t have to be anything unique, just a spot where you can document your feelings.

“Journaling has been shown to help individuals handle stress,” the article reads. “It gives you time to make sense of all the rushing thoughts and emotions that come with anxiety. Consistent journaling may also help you get to the heart of what is causing your feelings. The more instances you record, the more patterns you may find.”

The article goes on to give helpful tips on how to write in an anxiety journal, including how to write about feelings and how to reframe the story. While it might seem scary to some to write down dark feelings, the article notes that learning about the struggles of ancestors can provide hope and inspiration.

“We are drawn to our ancestors because they were people like us,” the article reads. “They had difficulties that they struggled to overcome, and their stories strengthen us in our own challenges. Don’t underestimate your own story. With anxiety so common, you may be that inspiration for someone else.”

Read the full article at FamilySearch.

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