Urban Gardening: A QC Family’s Way to Be Self-Reliant Amid Pandemic


“Self-reliance is a product of our work and undergirds all other welfare practices. It is an essential element in our spiritual as well as our temporal well-being,” said President Marion G. Romney, then president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Self-reliance is one of the core principles being taught in the Church, and members are encouraged to be more self-reliant in both temporal and spiritual aspects. When Latter-day Saints can stand on their own, they become better able to serve Jesus Christ, and care for their families and help others in need.

From Landscaping to Urban Gardening


Before the onset of the pandemic, Emelito Orencia, Quezon City Philippines Stake (diocese) president, had a thriving landscaping business.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic had put a halt in his business, affecting his family’s livelihood. Nevertheless, seeing the need to put food on the table, he switched to urban vegetable gardening, setting up a garden on top of their apartment.

With this shift, his family now enjoys having green leafy vegetables served on the table at meal times. Additionally, President Orencia shared that with more time on their plate due to the community quarantine measures, rooftop gardening has become a favorite bonding time for him and his family.

The Earth and Self-Reliance

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One gospel doctrine being taught in the Church is the creation of the earth as part of God’s Plan of Happiness. It is taught that Jesus Christ, under the direction of Heavenly Father, created the earth for His children to live in (1 Nephi 17:36).

Latter-day Saints are also taught that God created the earth to help sustain all of His children, providing food and other materials to help them survive and prosper. Yet, they are also taught that while the Lord provides “every needful thing” for His children, they must also work to obtain His promised blessings.

Moreover, serving others can be accomplished unless one stands on higher ground, capable to life others. Being self-reliant means exactly this.

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                             As a leader in his stake, President Orencia uses this principle of service as he magnifies his calling daily. “The more self-reliant we are, the more opportunities we have to lift others up,” he said. “We can offer unselfish service to our brothers and sisters if we ourselves are self-reliant. This is how we become like Heavenly Father.”

Self-Reliance Leads to Preparedness

“If there is something that this pandemic has ever taught members of the Church, it is to be prepared so they will not fear,” shared Presidence Orencia. He also added that food storage is one important preparation in order to become self-reliant during difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Self-Reliance Program of the Church

Since the formal organization of the Church’s welfare program in 1936, its humanitarian arm of the Church, Latter-day Saint Charities, has helped millions of families from across the globe. The main objective of the Church’s welfare program is not only to help those in need but to teach principles that promote self-reliance and self-respect.

The Church has also established self-reliance programs to help Latter-day Saints learn practical courses with spiritual benefits. These programs are offered at no cost. Members are encouraged to reach out their local Church leaders to learn of the programs being offered in their areas.

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