Watch: Elder Holland’s powerful message of hope might be just what you need in 2020


Speaking in April general conference, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland testified that “the future is going to be as miracle-filled and bountifully blessed as the past has been.”

A new inspirational video released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on Thursday morning pieces together segments of Elder Holland’s conference address into a beautiful 3-minute video.

“We can hope, we should hope, even when facing the most insurmountable odds,” Elder Holland said. “So, when our backs are to the wall and, as the hymn says, ‘other helpers fail and comforts flee,’ among our most indispensable virtues will be this precious gift of hope linked inextricably to our faith in God and our charity to others.”

In his message, Elder Holland spoke specifically about current events:

Even as we speak, we are waging an “all hands on deck” war with COVID-19, a solemn reminder that a virus 1,000 times smaller than a grain of sand can bring entire populations and global economies to their knees.

When we have conquered this—and we will—may we be equally committed to freeing the world from the virus of hunger, freeing neighborhoods and nations from the virus of poverty. May we hope for schools where students are taught—not terrified they will be shot—and for the gift of personal dignity for every child of God, unmarred by any form of racial, ethnic, or religious prejudice. Undergirding all of this is our relentless hope for greater devotion to the two greatest of all commandments: to love God by keeping His counsel and to love our neighbors by showing kindness and compassion, patience and forgiveness.

The video concludes with this powerful promise: “We have every reason to hope for blessings even greater than those we have already received.”

Watch the video on YouTube.

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